So here's what we get up to...

Since we're writers, you probably weren't expecting to find an array of...let's say...dinosaurs on this page. So you'll be comforted and, we hope, intrigued by the assorted cover art displayed for your gratification.

Click on the cover and a buy link will open - to Amazon mostly, but many are available for other platforms from other vendors. Remember, you can download a free Kindle app to read Amazon eBooks on any device at all. (Um, except Nook. I doubt that would work.)

And yes, sharp-eyed guest, the Working Stiffs series features two books written individually, but they're presented as part of the series and we love the covers - all from the brilliantly artistic mind of Scott Carpenter.

Love in the Cards
Love on the Road
Love Under The Lights
Happy Endings
Feels So Right
Showing Off"
Hired Help
Open House
Full Service
So Into You
Suite 69
Also In Print
Working Stiff's Guide
Print Only
Behind Closed Doors
Print Anthology -
contains So Into You
Whole Lotta Love
Print Anthology - contains
all three Whole Lotta Love stories
Important Announcement

NOTE: For you readers who have enjoyed our work and don't see your favorite title here on this page yet, we ask your patience. Yes, there are several more books from the two of us, but due to the current uncertainty of the overall publishing industry, we have been acquiring the rights back to these novels. The plan is to tidy them up a bit, give 'em a new set of clothes and send them out once more, this time to a new generation of readers - and yes, we've been writing together THAT long! So bookmark our site, follow our social media posts, and stay tuned. The excitement will resume soon!