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Scott Carpenter and Sahara Kelly

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"We're just two ordinary folks."

Er, you probably wanted a bit more than that, huh. Well, Scott Carpenter is a native Californian with the usual family and kids thing going on. He's been married to the love of his life for over thirty years now and has three children who have suddenly become adults, surprising the hell out of him. He enjoys a good steak, a good movie and sports. Which pretty much rules out everything else in baseball season (go A's) and football season (go 49'ers). His second love is art, and he's won numerous awards for some of his magnificent digital creations. His single titles range from the improbable to the passionately dramatic; his writing reveals a man who believes in redemption along with a damn good laugh. Truly a multi-faceted Renaissance man, although you'll never get him to admit it.

Sahara Kelly was born and raised in England and is still somewhat bemused at the odd twists of her life that have brought her to the East Coast of the USA and into a writing partnership with a guy from California. Really...what are the odds? She's also been married for over thirty years, has a son of whom she is enormously proud - and who has guided her technological voyage of discovery over some rough seas. Just remembering the Windows-to-Mac transition still makes her slightly nauseous. Her backlist is impressive (no rear end jokes please) and sometimes she feels as if she's been writing since the early Cretaceous period. She loves Regencies (Brit. Duh.), sci fi, fantasies, steampunk and of course anything she and Scott decide to attack. Their friendship has become a mainstay for Sahara, and she relies on him for encouragement and support in so much more than just writing. Fifteen years of collaboration have produced a deep and abiding trust and respect between these two, and she's very aware of how blessed she is. Her days are divided now between writing and working on graphics for the company she and Scott co-own, with a few breaks in between to clean the cat hair out of her keyboard. You can learn more about the graphics end of things if you click the paintbrush in the menu bar.

Time together is fleeting and precious, so whenever possible, Scott and Sahara try to attend a couple of events a year together. This means that one of 'em is going to have a miserable four or five hours and a sore butt courtesy of the airlines, but it's worth it to share a few days with each other. The photo below was taken at the Arizona Dreamin' event, in Scottsdale, 2015. It's one of the few capturing the pleasure these two share when together. A rare photo indeed, since Scott is the social butterfly at these things, and Sahara tends to spend time getting everyone's cards and names so that when Scott forgets 'em, she's there to prompt him. Because that's what partners do!

Scott and Sahara